Zombie Car Attacks

Ever wondered what will you do if a zombie attacks your car? Well, if you do not, it is a good security question which you should think about. This article gives you certain tips as to how you can secure your car from zombie attacks. There can be various zombie weapons by which your car can be attacked. Though it is not always possible to have your car secured against all of them, it is often good to secure it against some of these weapons. So do not forget to take a look at this article and keep your car secured against all odds.


Redneck Revenge

Here is another zombie game to impress the video game addicts. The new zombie game The Redneck Revenge is one of a kind. Shooting games are very common these days. However, what makes this shooting game very different from others is that the player will have to shoot zombies with chickens and bulldozers. This amazing game lets you overcome the zombies by taking the place of the hero in over thirty levels. It is one game which is sure to make you an addict.


Walking Dead Toys

The most awaited Zombie toys of the year have finally been announced. The very popular characters of The Walking Dead comic Season 2 have been given a physical form by the McFarlane toys. The toys are to be released all over some time in June 2013. However, the wide variety of toys that are on display is bound to confuse the people regarding what to buy and what not to buy. Some of the figurines are the governor, the pet zombie and the governor’s daughter. However, there are lots more to choose from. Do read the article and get a full view of the scenario.


Walking Dead Book

After waiting for almost an eternity, the new zombie book is about to be released soon. This goes to all you zombie fans. If you want to do something different this season for relaxing yourself, make sure you go and get yourself a copy of the book. Blindsided by The Walking Dead is a heartwarming tale of a man trying to conquer and emerge victorious over all evils. So follow the trail of this hero who braves all odds to overcome all misfortunes in his life. This is one book that all you zombie fans cannot afford to miss.


Paul Giamatti Horror Movies

Here’s bringing you an exclusive talk with the star Paul Gaimatti whose involvement with the movie John Dies at the End is remarkable. The movie is all set to be released on January 25th 2013. This talk looks into his involvement with the movie as both an actor and the executive producer as well as takes a look into his favourite classic horror movies. This is a great time to discover your favourite actor up close and personal. Find out what his favourite horror movies are? Or how he liked working as a producer? Stay tuned for more.


History Meets Zombies

Comics have been an eternal favorite of every person. Starting from Spiderman to Batman to even Zombieland, everything and every hero has been depicted in comics. This article brings to all you zombie fans a light moment by highlighting a comic strip. However, the twist to this comic has been brought in with the History factor. So all you people who had a grudge against history can finally laugh it out with this comic. It just shows the combination of zombies with history. So do not forget to check this comic out as it will truly make you laugh.


Zombieland On Television

Very few people may have known this that Zombieland had initially started off as a television series. Following this tradition, it is being tried to be revived again. A new season is soon set to be on air. Not much has been changed when it comes to the characters. However, two new characters have been added to the original cast. Though the original series was aired on CBS, it is still not known where the new series will be aired. Though, it is expected that this will also be a hit like its predecessor on the television front.


Walking Dead Cover Art

All you Walking Dead fans, here is good news for you. The cover art for the Walking Dead issue 107 and 108 has just come out. Speculations are that a certain character might no longer live in this issue. However, the cover art does not give any hint of that. It neither misguides us nor does it uncover the suspense. It, in fact, creates more suspense regarding the storyline of this issue. It does provide some hint as to where the story is headed. So do not forget to check out the latest cover art all you Walking Dead fans.


Call of Duty

As anticipated by many people, the Call of Duty Black Ops II will be released sometime later in January. This new game offers a lot of new features to its audiences. It even enables the player to play the game in the form of a zombie itself. This is the major attraction of this game along with new and better weapons and maps. This game also has a multiplayer mode which allows more than one player to play the game at the same time. Do check out this new game if you are a game buff and zombie fan.


Another interesting zombie game is to be released very soon. This game called the Class 3 Outbreak enables a player to create their own areas in which the zombies can attack Washington DC. The player then has to simply sit and watch as hundreds of zombies infect the whole population of the place. This exiting game’s trailer can be viewed in this article only. However, you have to wait for the full version of this game to be released. So, if you are a zombie fan coupled with being an avid gamer then you must not miss this opportunity to lay your hands on this game.